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Issues about why you are billed for a certain service are generally handled by your clinician. Issues about the dates of charges, and what the charge codes mean, are generally handled by the person who does our billing. You may also want to review our billing policy and our Gateway Fee Schedule. Ultimately all decisions about whether or not to bill for a service are made by your clinician, sometimes in consultation with Dr. Forster so your most pointed questions or concerns should be directed that way rather than to the billing person.



Use this tool to review past statements and to have access to information about our billing policy, fee schedule, and other information related to billing and financial issues.



Click the name of your clinician to send them an email –
Peter Forster

Lucy Hsu

Kelsey Schraufnagel

Matt Tierney

Click here to send an email to our billing person



Call (415) 551 0520 and leave a confidential voice message. This message will be recorded and also transcribed by machine and emailed to the person, so please speak clearly and concisely.



Send us a letter at our mailing address –

548 Market St # 18351

San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

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