We are honored to receive referrals for consultation or clinical care from other mental health clinicians. If this is the first time you have made a referral to us you may want to review some information about how the consultation process works. There are a couple of web pages that talk about the clinic and the consultation process – and

After looking that material over you will probably still have a few questions. You can call the main number (415)551-0520 and leave Dr. Peter Forster a confidential voicemail or send an email to

If you want to refer someone to us for co-treatment who you are seeing for psychotherapy it is important that we talk about what our expectations for communication and collaboration will be. Please call and leave me a message or send me an email before making a referral. The heart of the Gateway model of care is collaborative and we do not necessarily want to provide co-treatment if it isn’t clear how we can keep in touch with another clinician about treatment issues.

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